Terms & Conditions

By making an entry, all competitors agree to follow the Race Rules – Head of the Yarra.

Risk Management: the regatta may be cancelled for reasons beyond our control. In the event this occurs after the closing date, all entry fees are forfeited by competitors.

All racing will be run in accordance with RV Rules of Racing. Anyone contravening the Rules will be disqualified.

All entry fees must be paid by the closing date.

Masters and Mixed categories will be handicapped - handicaps will be applied at the finish, and your time adjusted.

The course is 8km. The River will be closed for the duration of the race to all other river users.

All crews must be in the start area 5 minutes before the start of their race. No on-water warm ups will be permitted. We have been asked by Parks Victoria to ensure that all crews go straight to the start, keeping to the South Bank until clear of the commercial boat jetty opposite the clubhouses. No crews are to go below Princes Bridge on their way to the start. Crews are to make their way directly to the start in an orderly manner when they get on the water.

If your boat or crew should become damaged or injured or for any reason and be unable to continue to row as a full crew you will be unable to complete the race. You must pull over to the bank as soon as is practical and wait for the race to pass. Marshalls will let you know when you are able to resume your row. If you require medical assistance refer to your coxswain’s medical card for guidelines.

If a competitor boat is being overtaken by a faster boat, then the slower boat must yield the best racing line to the overtaking crew and warn the faster crew if they should alter their course. A crew is deemed to be overtaking if a faster crew has its bow ball within half a length of the stern of the slower crew. For safety reasons, the faster boat must be prudent and delay the act of passing if a pass can not accomplished without incident.

It is very important for all crews to continue rowing lightly once having crossed the finish line. The finish line will be buoyed and crews must follow the line of buoys to the turn before coming back to the Hawthorn staging. This is essential to allow for boats to be removed from the water in an orderly fashion. Officials will direct crews at the finish, and time penalties will be enforced for not adhering to these instructions

All crews must obey marshals and umpires at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification or incur a time penalty.

Respect for the safety of other competitors and their equipment must be observed at all times. At no time should an oar be used in anger toward another crew or competitor.

Boat recycling will not be advocated, nor will any allowance be provided to allow this to occur. The HRC precinct will be abuzz with people and manoeuvring of boats out of the area will be near impossible.

Boat racking is provided in the HRC precinct to allow crews to wait until the finish of the race before rowing back to the city.

Food and drinks will be available in the HRC precinct. There will also be merchandise available for sale.

We hope that you enjoy the day and the excellent rowing which the Yarra River offers.