Every rower and coxswain will receive a Head of the Yarra T-Shirt. T-Shirts have been ordered in six unisex sizes (XS/8, S/10-12, M/14, L/16-18, XL/20, XXL/30).

A change MAY be added to ROWING MANAGER to allow a T-shirt size to be specified for each rower/coxswain.

Please make sure that size information is specified for each crew member, preferably at the time of putting in an entry, or at a later date (but before Entries Close.)

The T-Shirts will be packed in a bag for each crew, and will be issued as follows:

  1. at the Briefing Session at the Hawthorn clubhouse at 6pm, Friday prior to the Raceday.

  2. at the bow-number return, also at the Hawthorn clubhouse on Saturday of Raceday.

There will be some opportunity to swap sizes. There are some spare T-Shirts, which will be available for sale.

(Enquiries to webmaster@hawthornrowingclub.com.)