As has happened every HotY since 2011, every rower and coxswain will receive a Head of the Yarra T-Shirt. T-Shirts have been orderedin six unisex sizes (XS/8, S/10-12, M/14, L/16-18, XL/20, XXL/30).

A change has been added to ROMS to allow a T-shirt size to be specified for each rower/coxswain. The sizes can be selected at the time of making the entry, or can be selected later. The size will be copied into each competitor's profile record in ROMS. Individual competitors will also be able to log into ROMS and change the size recorded in their profile.

Please make sure that size information is specified for each crew member, preferably at the time of putting in an entry, or at a later date (but before entries close on 7th November.)

The T-Shirts will be packed in a bag for each crew, and will be issued as follows:

  1. at the Briefing Session at the Hawthorn clubhouse at 6pm, Friday 27th November.
  2. at the bow-number return, also at the Hawthorn clubhouse on Saturday 28th of November.

There will be some opportunity to swap sizes. There are some spare T-Shirts, which will be available for sale.

(Enquiries to