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Boats Available/Crews Seeking Boats

We will place any information about boats available for hire, or interstate/overseas crews seeking boats to hire as it comes available. We will be writing to clubs and schools asking for contacts about possible boat hiring, which we can send to prospective crews. If the items below have the tag "FB", they are from the Facebook page and you can respond there.

Rowing Victoria will assist also.

2017 HOTY requests follow:

Crews Seeking a Cox

  • Sydney Crew - cox required
    Crew seeking a local cox to direct us down the Yarra. We are a MixM8 and raced a number of times in MW, MM, MixM8. Please contact June on 0412338777 or
  • Start Boating Club - cox required (FB)
    Star Boating Club's A-C Masters Women's crew is looking for a cox for Head of the Yarra. Please message Emily at if you know of anyone.
  • Goolwa Rowing Club - cox required (FB)
    Goolwa Rowing Club is urgently seeking a cox for the Head of the Yarra. Please contact Diana Tebneff at 0407 194 206 or via
  • Curtin University Boat Club - cox required (FB)
    Curtin University Boat Club are seeking a cox for Head of the Yarra, for their Mixed Masters D Eight division. Contact Kathy on ‭0410 051 364‬.
  • Sydney Crew - cox required (FB)
    Sydney crew (WM8+) are seeking a cox. Please call 0409392546 if you or anyone you know can help.
  • Goolwa Rowing Club - cox required (FB)
    Goolwa Rowing Club is searching for a cox for their Mixed Masters E Eight. Please contact Diana Tebneff on 0407194206 or if you can help.

Crews Seeking Boats

  • Townsville Crew - boat required (FB)
    Townsville masters ladies crew looking to hire a boat for Head of the Yarra, we are experienced rowers and have competed at this event many times in the past.  If you are able to assist, please email Dana Green at or phone 0432 898 484.
  • BBC Old Collegians Rowing Club - boat required (FB)
    BBC Old Collegians Rowing Club Inc (Brisbane Boys College) need to borrow a boat for the race. We are just D (average age of 50 years) and half the crew rowed for Queensland a few years ago and the others were all First VIII rowers in their day. The crew is appropriately experienced with half having competed on multiple occasions and our cox has been upstream 5 times. We have been rowing in a Sykes 2003 mould D average weight 85kgs and this has been ideal.  We would like to hire a boat for training on Friday and racing Saturday.  Please contact Wade on 0408 155 111
  • Launceston Crew - boat required (FB)
    A women's crew from Launceston are desperately seeking a boat to suit average crew weight 65-70kgs . We have a very experienced coxswain so your boat will be in safe hands. We are every keen to hear from you. Please contact Judy Fenner on
  • Fremantle Rowing Club - two boats required (FB)
    Fremantle Rowing Club (WA) urgently seeking to hire 1) a medium weight (preferred) or light weight 8 for women’s masters crew and 2) a medium weight (preferred) or heavy weight 8 for men’s masters crew. Please contact Stuart Wearne on 0400 820 190 or 08 9339 7286, or at
  • Scotch Oabkburn College - two boats required
    Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston require two eights (schoolboy eight and schoolgirl eight). Boats and oars will be fully insured. Please contact Georgia Radcliffe-Smith at
  • Star Boating Club - four boats required
    Star Boating Club in Wellington, New Zealand would like to compete in this year's Head of the Yarra but have not been able to loan a boat. Please contact Rees Ward ( if you or someone you know have boats available for hire. Boats required:
    1. Male B Grade 8+, 85kg average, start order 29;
    2. Female B Grade 8+, 70kg average, start order 28;
    3. Male Masters A-C 8+, 85kg average, start order 19; and
    4. Female Masters A-C 8+, 80kg avge, start order 11.
    The sooner we can secure boats, the sooner we can arrange flights to Australia, accommodation and enter the Head of the Yarra.
  • JCU and Townsville Rowing Clubs - boat required (FB)
    A JCU and Townsville Rowing Club composite crew is seeking a Male Master 80kg 8+. The crew is experienced with members having competed in previous years. Please contact Adrian Norman on  0419509042 or at
  • Victorian, Tasmanian, Queensland and NSW Female Composite Crew - boat required (FB)
    Female composite crew - lightweight 60-63 kg - seeking a boat. All crew members are highly experienced. Please contact Lea Partridge on 0427 332 210 or at
  • Sydney Rowing Club - boat required (FB)
    We are a mixed master's 8+ from Sydney Rowing Club looking to hire a boat. We are an experienced crew and have competed in the Head of the Yarra before. Please contact Marty Ward on 0407 489 244
  • Union Rowing Club (New Zealand) - boat required (FB)
    We are a women's 8 crew from the Union Rowing Club, Christchurch seeking to hire a boat. Please contact Karen Rickerby at if you are able to assist.
  • Boat Required (FB)
    Boat required please contact John Varendorff on 07 3870 3351 or 0438 713252

Rower(s) Seeking a Crew

  • Scotch Oakburn College, Tasmania - Rowers Seeking a Crew (FB)
    Scotch Oakburn College, Launceston TAS has two girls and two boys looking to compete in the HOTY. All four very fit, competent and experienced rowers keen for a row instead of watching. Will pay seat fees as required. Please contact Jamie Breden at 0438 038 773.
  • Cairns Rowing Club - Rowers Seeking a Crew (FB)
    Two rowers from Cairns Rowing Club are looking for a crew to row the Head of The Yarra. Both rowers are we are fit, trained, and really willing to participate more than to watch! One is a 36 years old male, 82 kg, stroke sider. Th other is a 52 year old female, stroke sider. Please contact Laurent van de Wiele on 0414 519 688 or
  • New Zealand Rower - Rower Seeking a Crew (FB)
    Stuart Wade, a stroke side rower from New Zealand. If anyone has an available seat in a mens eight or mixed eight please contact Stuart at or NZ 027 221 8894.