This page is for messages concerning crews, boats, etc. If you want something placed here, please email The same information can be put on the Head of the Yarra  <FACEBOOK>   You can also email us (address above) if you want to respond to one of these message. We will pass on the response and put you in touch with the requester.

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Regatta Secretary Lachlan Nichols

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Boats Available/Crews Seeking Boats

We will place any information about boats available for hire, or interstate/overseas crews seeking boats to hire as it comes available. We will be writing to clubs and schools asking for contacts about possible boat hiring, which we can send to prospective crews. If the items below have the tag "FB", they are from the Facebook page and you can respond there.

Rowing Victoria will assist also.

2019 HOTY requests follow:

Crews Seeking a Cox

Crews Seeking Boats

Rower(s) Seeking a Crew