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Boats Available/Crews Seeking Boats

We will place any information about boats available for hire, or interstate/overseas crews seeking boats to hire as it comes available. We will be writing to clubs and schools asking for contacts about possible boat hiring, which we can send to prospective crews. If the items below have the tag "FB", they are from the Facebook page and you can respond there.

Cox Available

  • Josh Neil, an experienced rower/cox from Brisbane, will be at the HOY and is available to cox. Contact him at
  • Eyrin McCarthy, an experienced cox'n from Loreto College, Ballarat, is available and interested in coxing at the HOY. Interested crews should contact her at

Crews Seeking a Cox (some more below under Crew Members Wanted)

  • Women's F Grade crew (Mercantile) is looking for an experienced coxswain for the race. Please contact Joanna on
  • [COX FOUND!] Women's masters F crew from Toowong Rowing Club in Brisbane seeking an experienced cox for the race plus practice row on the Friday afternoon. Contact Judith Hodgson at
  • [COX FOUND!] Women's F grade crew from Sydney Women's Rowing Club is looking for a coxswain for the race. Contact Sue Carew

Crews Seeking Boats

  • BBC Old Collegians Rowing Club Inc (Brisbane Boys College) need to borrow aboat for the race. We are just D (ave 50yrs) and half the crew rowed for Queensland a few years ago and the others were all First V111 rowers in their day. Half the crew have rowed 2-4 Yarra’s each and our cox has been upstream 5 times, Meaning that we are well skilled. We have been rowing in a Sykes 2003 mould D average weight 85kgs and this has been ideal.  We would like to hire a boat for training on Friday and racing Saturday.  Please contact Wade 0408 155 111
  • A women's crew from Launceston are desperately seeking a boat to suit average crew weight 65-70kgs . We have a very experienced coxswain so your boat will be in safe hands. We are every keen to hear from you. Contact Judy on[FB]

Crew Members Wanted

Rower(s) Seeking a Crew

  • Angela Taylor and Hannah Nixon from Townsville & JCU Rowing Club will be in Melbourne the weekend of the HOY and are seeking a crew to row in. They both row each side. Contact
  • Warwick Fisher, Port Macquarie RC, is keen for a seat in 2016. Age 65, 95kg, 192cm. Can row either side but prefers to race bow side. Email:
  • Peter Brooks (82kg E grade- 56yo) fromCanberra Rowing Club will be in Melbourne on race day. Happy to fill a bow side seat. Email:
  • Julie Bromley Hoult is looking for a mixed or women's crew to row in.  Have competed in HOY numerous times.  Can row stroke side.  46 yo female. Contact Julie on 0426 104 660.
  • [Seat found!] Liz Forde, NZ rower, Age 54 182cm – very experienced and strong sweep oar rower (prefer stroke side but happy to row bow side).  Have previously competed in HoTY 4 times. Would like seat in Womens or Mixed Crew.  Will be in Melbourne with a NZ Mens crew.  Please email

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