The race will be governed by the current issue of the Rowing Victoria Rule Book.  The following additional race-specific Rules apply.


  • No crew or coxswain weighing is required.


  • On-water warm ups are permitted but only downstream of Princes Bridge. Crews warming up must use only the right side of the river and avoid any commercial/recreational boat traffic.

  • Crews are to be in the Start marshalling area at the upstream end of the of the city boat shed landing area 5 minutes prior to their start (and not before, in order to minimize traffic congestion).

  • Crews not planning to warm up are to go direct to the start, keeping to the South Bank until clear of the commercial boat jetty opposite the city boat sheds.

  • Crews will be lined up in predetermined rows of four boats abreast, however one crew at a time will be signalled to start. As the last boat in each row is sent off, the next row of boats should be slowly touching forward into the Start Marshals area.

  • Late arriving boats must await instruction from the Start Marshals or Starter.

Overtaking Rule

  • A boat is deemed to be overtaking when it has its bow ball within half a length of the stern of the boat in front. When this occurs the slower boat must not block or obstruct the faster crew. The faster boat must be prudent and delay the act of passing if a pass cannot be accomplished without incident.

  • No overtaking from the Power Street fishing landing to the Wallen Road Bridge. This bridge is too narrow to safely allow more than one boat to pass at a time.

  • Boats attempting to overtake or being overtaken must obey the overtaking rule.

Injury and Breakage

  • Should an injury or breakage occur or a competitor becomes separated from any part of their equipment during the running of an event, the boat or crew must pull over to the bank as soon as is practical and wait for the race to pass.

  • If a competitor is in the water and it is unsafe to retrieve equipment out of the way of racing crews, they must leave the equipment and make their way to the shore (provided they do not need the buoyancy of the vessel for personal safety).

  • Competitors must not resume racing without permission from rescue or an Umpire. If a competitor requires medical assistance, they should refer to the closest rescue boat or Umpire who will implement the event safety procedure.


  • Crews are to continue rowing lightly having crossed the finish line in order to avoid collision from crews still finishing.

  • A Marshal will indicate where you may stop and turn. Where crews turn before the Marshal has advised a minimum 20 second penalty will apply.


  • Crews are to obey Umpires and Marshals at all times, including after the finish and when racking boats.  Failure to do so may incur a time penalty or removal from the event.

Crew Uniforms

  • Crews must be in appropriate uniforms as specified in the Rowing Victoria Rule Book.

  • Composite crews may apply to the Organizing Committee for permission to wear a suitable alternative uniform.


  • The following time penalties may apply:

    • Failing to start race within 5 seconds of start being called: 30 seconds

    • If a crew is up to 5 minutes late to the start: 1 minute

    • If a crew is 5 - 10 minutes late to the start: 2 minutes

    • If a crew is more than 10 minutes late to the start: Removal

    • Intentional interference: 1 minute or Removal

    • Cause of minor collision: 5 to 15 seconds

    • Cause of major collision: 15 to 30 seconds

    • Sitting at the finish: 10 seconds

    • Crossing line of buoys in finish straight: 30 seconds

  • No credit penalties will be applied to disadvantaged crews.

  • The Organizing Committee and/or the President of the Jury may remove a crew or penalize a competitor or crew who violates safety or the spirit of the race.