Race Pack Collection

  • Someone from each crew (ideally the coxswain) needs to collect their race pack including crew numbers, souvenir t-shirts, program, race instructions, crew grid positions & location of on course safety / support boats and emergency contacts from the Race Registrar.

  • The 2019 race pack can be collected from the Hawthorn Rowing Club on Friday, 29th November from 6pm to 7pm. It is strongly encouraged that you collect your pack at this time. We hope to have the t-Shirts available around 4pm. Note, there is NO deposit required for bow numbers but they must be returned. They are not souvenirs.

  • As a fall-back measure, we will continue to have the Race Registrar at the City Start from 7am to 10am on the morning of the race. Please do not wait until after 10am to collect the numbers.

  • Souvenir t-shirts not collected at the Friday briefing session or on the day of the regatta can be collected from the Hawthorn Rowing Club clubhouse after you have raced.

  • All crew numbers, including those worn by the cox and bow, are to be placed in the labelled bins on the Hawthorn landing immediately after getting your boat out of the water.

Competitors Briefing Session

A competitors briefing session will be held at Hawthorn Rowing Club on Friday, 29th November at 6pm. The briefing will address:

  • Advice for coxswains negotiating the race course

  • Race rules and safety

  • Emergency arrangements and obtaining medical assistance if required

  • “Need to know” issues for competing on race day including hazards and penalties

  • We will also have additional programs available for purchase at this time.